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Solve the previously unsolvable. 

Talk to us about what CAITO can do for you.

CAITO unlocks any quantum of data - both structured and unstructured.

CAITO works with you to create unique Knowledge Repositories.


With CAITO, you’ll have total security and control over your data.

Make it easy to share vast quantities of information, across multiple locations.

Increase productivity, understanding, innovation and revenue.

Continually learn the best way to respond to your natural language queries. 

CAITO unlocks any quantum of data - both structured and unstructured data.

The amount of unstructured data siloed within your organization could be doubling every year.

With CAITO, use it to double your understanding of your organization, too.


What is unstructured data?


Unstructured data refers to information without a predefined data model. It includes all natural language mediums, such as Word documents, emails, PDFs, videos, audio files, and much, much more.


Where structured data is sorted into rows, columns, and tables - making it easy to search for relevant information - unstructured data is raw, complex, and incredibly difficult for traditional systems to search. 


It’s also filled with crucial information and knowledge about your business and the world in which it operates.


Without CAITO, that knowledge will be left untapped and going to waste.

CAITO creates unique Knowledge Repositories.

CAITO works with you to create unique Knowledge Repositories specifically for your business, including a vast range of internal and selected external information. 

What is a Knowledge Repository?


A Knowledge Repository is your own large online collection of all kinds of information and data  - including natural language files, emails, PDFs, video, audio, structured data from your existing systems, and much more.


Crucially, a CAITO-designed Knowledge Repository uses cognitive computing to continually update, grow, and improve.


Your understanding of your business, and the world it operates in, will constantly improve.

CAITO gives you data sovereignty.

CAITO uses the IBM Hybrid Multi Cloud Platform™, which is designed for data privacy, security, resiliency and flexibility and the requirements for compliance, new regulations, security in the face of increasing cyberthreats, and 24/7 service continuity. Clients may also choose to use their own Cloud environments or host CAITO in-house.


CAITO provides you choice in Cloud Environments.

CAITO creates End-to-End Solutions for your organisation.

Using CAITO for searching and accessing your data is the first critical step, however there is always a purpose for needing the data and what you want to do with it. We develop end-to-end CAITO Solutions to enable you to use the data for specific purposes.

CAITO can automate many of your business processes

If productivity, efficiency, cost savings and accuracy are key drivers for your organisation, we can automate many of your business processes with our AI technology.

CAITO lets you share knowledge seamlessly.

Using cognitive technologies, CAITO allows global and regionally dispersed businesses to access and share vast quantities of information, across any number of locations and employees. 


Saving thousands of hours worth of multiple people searching multiple servers in multiple locations.

CAITO gives you a competitive advantage.

While your competitors are busy leaving crucial information locked away and forgotten, your business could be using cognitive AI to put that knowledge to work. 


Increasing productivity, understanding, innovation, and revenue. 

CAITO constantly learns and improves.

As sophisticated CAI technology, CAITO uses cognitive analytics to continually learn the best way to respond to your natural language queries. 


Offering up more relevant, reliable, and quality information with each and every use.

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As a leading, globally-focused AI company, CAITO provides a multi-capable Cognitive AI Platform, used to create enterprise-level Systems & Solutions for countries, industries and organizations. CAITO also provides expertise in the development of Deep Learning Models, helping organisations gain insights from their information and data which they have never had before.

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