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Approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

CAITO has been assessed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as part of a multi-national customer’s application for an MAS Grant to introduce AI into their financial services company.

CAITO was approved  by MAS in September 2020 for this purpose.

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CAITO + The Conference Board Inc. 

The challenge


The global business membership and research association was planning to host over 300 blue-chip executives at two strategy formulation events in Singapore and Shanghai. They wanted to enhance the events by using cognitive AI to create a real-time knowledge platform - giving the audience instant access to years worth of accumulated research. 


The transformation


The event used CAITO to create a large Knowledge Repository, using cognitive search to trawl through thousands of Knowledge Artefacts in real-time.


The outcomes

  • Complex questions were answered in a matter of moments

  • The conference saw a 50% increase in member engagement

  • Attendees were able to learn on the spot, leading to more insightful research discussions.


300 Blue Chip Execs Using CAITO Live at ‘the future of work strategy event -Singapore & Shanghai’


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