CAITO + The Conference Board Inc. 

The challenge


The global business membership and research association was planning to host over 300 blue-chip executives at two strategy formulation events in Singapore and Shanghai. They wanted to enhance the events by using cognitive AI to create a real-time knowledge platform - giving the audience instant access to years worth of accumulated research. 


The transformation


The event used CAITO to create a large Knowledge Repository, using cognitive search to trawl through thousands of Knowledge Artefacts in real-time.


The outcomes

  • Complex questions were answered in a matter of moments

  • The conference saw a 50% increase in member engagement

  • Attendees were able to learn on the spot, leading to more insightful research discussions.


300 Blue Chip Execs Using CAITO Live at ‘the future of work strategy event -Singapore & Shanghai’


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Approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

CAITO has been assessed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as part of a multi-national customer’s application for an MAS Grant to introduce AI into their financial services company.

CAITO was approved  by MAS in September 2020 for this purpose.

A wide range of companies and industries are currently working with CAITO.

Exploring ways to use its cognitive technologies to solve an even wider range of business challenges.

CAITO + An International Compliance Company

The challenge

The business is poised for growth, and looking for a way to continue to scale internationally - ensuring the highest quality services possible, and manageable costs.


The desired transformation

To give specialist staff the ability to increase their client numbers substantially, by saving them valuable time spent on routine services, and allowing them to focus on delivering high value services instead.


The desired outcomes

  • Enhanced competitive market positioning in terms of innovation, client engagement, and client satisfaction

  • Reduced costs as a ratio of revenue

  • Increased profitably, allowing the business to scale internationally at a rapid pace.

CAITO + A Global Corporate Law Firm 

The challenge

The firm is home to vast quantities of critical unstructured information, spanning a range of geographical locations and law branches. It’s currently unable to access, share, or transfer this knowledge - missing out on tapping into a core intangible asset. 


The desired transformation

To make relevant information readily available, across multiple territories and world-wide locations. So staff can spend their time providing high value services for clients, rather than attempting unstructured data analysis manually.

The desired outcomes

  • Creation of quickly and easily accessible IP

  • Greater customer engagement and increased profitability as a result.

CAITO + An International Mining Company

The challenge

The company needs efficient access to the right information within its vast quantity of internal documents - including invaluable knowledge about compliance, regulations, technical guidance, and more.


The desired transformation

To use cognitive AI to quickly access key information about a wide range of topics and areas of the business, freeing up staff to use their skills and experience where it counts.


The desired outcomes

  • Significant improvement in business productivity

  • Optimized risk mitigation and lowered costs

  • Evidence and assurance for key investors.

CAITO + A Global Research and Consulting Firm

The challenge

As a global company, the firm finds it close to impossible to access and share the vast amount of knowledge it has built up over the years. That means staff are spending a disproportionate amount of time searching for or requesting information, or even recreating content that already exists. All at a massive cost to the company.

The desired transformation

To build a unique set of Knowledge Repositories and related IP, providing on-demand access to relevant knowledge - and using cognitive computing to augment and improve that knowledge, too. Revolutionizing the value delivered to clients, and ultimately the value of the company.


The desired outcomes

  • Significantly increased business value

  • Ability to leverage extensive IP built up over time

  • Greatly enhanced productivity and lower costs

  • Potential future creation of a new revenue stream, by providing clients with self-service access to knowledge.

CAITO + A Large Government Department

The challenge

The delivery of core services - like National Risk Mitigation and Stakeholder Services - is greatly affected by the department’s inability to access large amounts of unstructured information, across every area of the business.


The desired transformation

A greatly enhanced ability to access accurate, detailed, and relevant information in real time. So that risk mitigation strategies can be well-informed, and actual risks responded to swiftly and efficiently.


The desired outcomes

  • More effective risk management

  • The ability to guard against millions of dollars of costs caused by unmitigated risks or slow response times

  • Future potential for stakeholders to access information themselves - freeing up staff to create and deliver higher value services.

CAITO + A Regional Telco

The challenge

The telco needs to explore new and innovative ways to enhance its customer engagement and loyalty.


The desired transformation

To use cognitive AI to deliver a major and wide-reaching Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, designed to build greater customer loyalty and add value to the brand.


The outcomes

  • A highly regarded Corporate Social Responsibility presence in the region

  • Increased brand value and customer engagement

  • A new reputation as a highly attractive employer of choice

  • A cost-effective AI platform solution.

CAITO + A State Government

The challenge

The department frequently makes major strategic decisions. They want to make sure those decisions are backed up with relevant and real-time information, but are currently missing out on essential unstructured data analysis.

The desired transformation

To gain immediate access to relevant knowledge locked away within the business, enhancing the decision-making process with up-to-date and accurate information.


The outcomes

  • Greater decision-making capabilities

  • The ability to pivot based on ever-changing external information

  • Noticeable improvements in public services and outcomes

  • Potential savings in the ten-to-hundreds of millions, due to using AI insight to make highly informed and evidence-based decisions.

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