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Unlock your hidden data.
Discover the opportunities your data presents for you.

CAITO Solutions for Knowledge & Data Collection, Analysis, and Insights.

CAITO's Cognitive AI Platform is utilized to create enterprise-level Systems & Solutions for countries, industries, and organizations.

Successful initiatives involving large scale use of technology requires:

Consultation, design, implementation, and delivery of unique data, insights, and outcomes underpinned by a depth of strategic skills and transformation experience.

​We offer:

Our strategic consulting and change experience around the world, including at Governmental level

Our highly successful large scale project implementations across South East Asia, South Asia, North America, Middle East & Europe over 20+ years

Our ability to think beyond established norms and boundaries, and our ability to gain trust and collaboration

Our research & development expertise as a Government-approved R&D entity, and our related partnership with Auckland University of Technology

Our globally awarded AI-powered Solutions

Our depth of experience in the education sector over 25+ years, including the TVET sector

Our depth of experience in the Trade & Investment sector over 20+ years

  • Christine Bear - LinkedIn
Christine Bear | Founder & Managing Director
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Christine is the founder, majority shareholder, and MD of CBA Group (est. 1992) and CAITO Pte Ltd Singapore  

Former NZ Regional Business Woman of the Year

Business Owner / Entrepreneur

Master of Management Studies

Designed and led highly successful global initiatives for clients around the world over a long business career.

CAITO Pte Ltd Singapore is another example of such international expansion. 


Accelerating learning with on-demand insight delivered by CAITO.AI - read this blog at IBM global!

Christine launched her first strategic consulting business in New Zealand in 1992. After many years of implementing several hugely successful strategic projects on an international scale, the organization launched CBA Strategic IT - a new company focused on developing and implementing IT solutions.


With the company’s unique expertise in IT, business strategy, and execution, IBM identified CBA Strategic IT as an ideal match for their then-emerging AI platform - Watson. The tech behemoth reached out with an offer for CBA Strategic IT to become one of the first IBM Business Partners to specialize in Cognitive AI. 


The company then decided to create its own custom-built Cognitive AI Platform and Solutions. And the CAITO journey was kick-started into action. After three years of development, CAITO is now ready for enterprise-level use, and clients from a wide range of sectors are engaged with the CAITO businesses - including CAITO Pte Ltd Singapore. 


Christine has a strong drive, motivation, and persistence, along with proven international leadership in both strategy and execution. With extensive global experience and expertise, Christine could see right from the start how this technology was going to change the business world as we know it. She looks forward to CAITO being a driving force behind that change, and is firmly focused on the company’s international growth. Get in touch with Christine.

CAITO first prototype ranked in the top 14 new Cognitive Apps globally.

Runner-up for Asia Pacific.

CAITO is fundamentally changing the way businesses work.

And yours could be one of them.

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