Frequently Asked Questions


What is Cognitive Artificial Intelligence?

Cognitive AI is a sophisticated form of AI, designed to mimic certain human characteristics, like the ability to understand, reason, and learn. This means that when it’s trained to understand content, it uses cognitive computing to continuously improve - teaching itself to do a better job of accessing knowledge. In CAITO’s case, that means providing you with more targeted, relevant, and quality information with every single query.

What is unstructured data?

Unstructured data is natural-language information, without a predefined data model. It includes a massive number of documents and data - including video or audio files, text files, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, reports, Word documents, emails, and more.

What are Knowledge Artefacts?

‘Knowledge Artefact’ is a broad term, encompassing any document or piece of data you could imagine. The world deals with Knowledge Artefacts every day, in the form of video content, emails, reports, texts, emails, PDFs, memos, articles, case studies, and much more.

What is a Knowledge Repository?

A Knowledge Repository is your own online collection, containing any quantum of all kinds of information and data that you determine. You can include any natural language files, emails, PDFs, video, audio and can include structured data from the systems you have, and much more

What if my business doesn’t have a Cognitive AI Knowledge Repository yet?

That won’t be an issue. We can create one for you, and can teach you how to continuously add to it yourself. All we need is access to the information you want to include in your Knowledge Repository - under strict non-disclosure and security conditions, and with the relevant permissions. CAITO can create Repositories using information from across any number of different systems - so you won’t even need to collect all your business information together for us to get started. Best of all, CAITO-designed Knowledge Repositories use cognitive technologies to constantly update, grow, and improve. Which means the information they hold will always be reliably up-to-date, and optimized for your business.

Do we have to manually go through and label or categorize our information before we can use CAITO?

No. As a Cognitive AI platform, CAITO takes care of that for you.

Will my data and IP be protected?

Absolutely. Your unique Knowledge Repository will be completely private, only accessible to you and authorised people within your organization. Past initial set-up, you will have control over who can access the information, and to what level. So you can rest assured your data will be safe.

Is CAITO easy to use?

CAITO has been specifically designed to be easy to learn, and easy to use. We ask that subject matter experts do a few weeks of part-time initial training, teaching the system your specific business knowledge by rating CAITO’s response to their queries. Other users can also help with the training process over time. CAITO then continues to learn and improve its understanding of your knowledge base. Depending on the scale of your business’s Knowledge Repositories, you can also split the training across different areas of knowledge, to help make the learning process easily manageable.

What will it cost to invest in CAITO?

There are innumerable ways CAITO can be used within a business, and each involves a unique approach. To determine the required investment, you’ll need to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Does my business need CAITO?

Just as every business needs PCs and the internet today, in the future, every organization will need CAITO. Make yours among the first, and you will gain an invaluable edge over your competition.

Make CAITO part of your business’s future, and dark data will be a thing of the past.