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The dynamic ways Cognitive AI (CAI) will benefit the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Any idea how much real-time data there is in the supply chain and logistics sector, just waiting to change the way you do business? It’s endless. But companies have had no way of unearthing the ‘treasure troves’ of quantum historical data.

Until now.

Using world class cognitive search technology, machine learning and many other advanced capabilities, CAITO can help you tap into that “dark data” and address major business challenges. Not only that, Cognitive AI insights enable companies to leverage artificial intelligence data and gain new levels of speed, precision, customer satisfaction, reliable decision making and risk mitigation.

How can data enhance supply chain management with scalable AI?

Companies can uncover the valuable ‘dark data’ that’s buried in any number of systems, documentation, communications, news feeds and even social networks. Cognitive AI enables the visibility of information and unearthing of insights into critical areas such as disruptions and risks.

In supply chain management, the uses for Cognitive AI are extensive and could include real-time access to:

  • customer communications

  • competitive pricing information

  • news from around the globe, such as relevant geopolitical data or extreme weather data.

How can Cognitive AI benefit procurement?

Having access to unstructured data with CAI and real-time, relevant knowledge will have huge benefits for procurement. By learning more about your business and industry, you’ll improve risk assessment and performance. Having better insights will inform decision-making, customer satisfaction and ultimately profitability. Think: better access to contract information, procurement processes, supplier evaluations or global inventory information - just to name a few.

The opportunities are endless. Don’t be left in the dark!

To learn more about CAI business solutions and what it can do for your business, give me a call on +6421882405 or email.

Christine Bear | Founder & Managing Director | CAITO

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