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The Cognitive AI uptake: Those who snooze, lose - will it be you?

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Do you want to wait and see if there is going to be a recession? Or do you want to work out what you have to do to not only survive, but prosper through whatever height the waves will be?

Industries such as finance or technology are boldly adopting artificial intelligence to innovate and advance their positioning, even during uncertain times, and it’s paying off.

Other industries, including supply chain logistics, are just beginning to awaken to the endless opportunities and benefits of Cognitive AI. They’re realising that if they can tap into their hidden business data, they’ll revolutionize the way they access, leverage, and think about their information. The benefits of unstructured data analysis are huge, and include: reducing risk, increasing workforce productivity, skyrocketing innovation and efficiency, and revenue growth.

Those who wake up and act on this now will be winning, and those who don’t will lose out in this rapidly changing economic environment. With AI set to be one of THE key drivers of the future for this sector, losing could quickly lead to obsolescence.

Interested in continuing the conversation on cognitive artificial intelligence? I’d love to connect, give me a call on +6421882405 or email today.

Christine Bear | Founder & Managing Director | CAITO

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