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​Workforce Planning and TVET Teacher Profiling

Supporting Changes in Skills & Capabilities of Workforces

There is a massive task ahead of skilling and reskilling people to meet the changing needs of the workplace and economies as they manage the transition towards greater use of technology in almost all industries, and the need to steer economies toward higher productivity and job growth.  There is critical need for soundly based data and other information and insights to be able to respond to required workforce changes.


All stakeholders in the economy of any country - policymakers, training and education institutions, companies and all other organizations - will need to make a substantial effort to manage the need for more retraining, job matching, remote working and flexibility in workforce planning. 

Current and Emerging Data Needs

There is an essential need for data collection Systems to be sufficiently flexible to be able to incorporate new issues as they emerge. Such Systems  needs to be ‘easy’ to keep up to date so that decision making is informed by up-to-date data and insights.

Highlights Of The Previous CPSC Webinar

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