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  • Matt Bear

CAITO For Education Makes You Stay Ahead Of The COVID-19 Virus!

Stay ahead of the COVID-19 Virus ! Get the right information/knowledge plus insights in real-time at home, and still do your job. Link to colleagues at their individual homes during your isolation, and be able to give all your Customers what they need. As soon as they ask, update them in real-time – be innovative and proactive in these trying times. Use CAITO (a #CognitiveAI solution) plus your own capability to give you the edge.

This is an example of the #CAITO capability, and is ready right now. Your information will need to be ingested into a Knowledge Vault and Trained using NLP and Deep Learning, then good-to-go – your information is always yours, and is always protected. Access in real-time, Unstructured/Structured information, whether a pdf, picture, office document, contract, video, or in any other format. Get ahead of the global trend now – implement an active ready-made solution to the coronavirus. #caito #ai #artificialintelligence #coronovirus #covid2019 #education#highereducation

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