Imagine a system that learns continuously about how its users think, and what they are asking. 

Imagine a future where our understanding is limitless, and our business capabilities are changed forever.

This is the era of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence.

The ability to access, harness, and augment unstructured information has become a business imperative.

This ability will change the way business and society works, makes decisions, and achieves outcomes.

Boost productivity

Save thousands of valuable hours spent manually searching your servers for critical information.

Enhance customer engagement

Access information in real time that your customers need and drastically reduce your response times.

Drive growth

Free up your people’s time so they can be engaged in higher value activities and focus on propelling innovation.



Use a whole new level of productivity, customer retention, and innovation to grow your bottom line.

Discover how CAITO is changing businesses around the world by bringing their dark data to light.

Turn your organization’s knowledge into power.


Are your staff spending weeks manually searching for relevant information?

CAITO searches through any quantum of Knowledge Artefacts in real-time, achieving the same tasks in a fraction of the time.


Does your business hold a wealth of information going completely untapped?


CAITO unlocks your business's natural-language data, bringing previously inaccessible knowledge to the forefront.


Does your business often have to make crucial decisions based on out-of-date or incorrect information?

CAITO gives you real-time, referenced business knowledge, so you can make every decision with clarity, transparency, and confidence. 


Is your business struggling to share information seamlessly across multiple locations, globally or regionally?

CAITO eliminates traditional boundaries, letting you quickly and easily share the right knowledge with the right people, wherever they are.

What is unstructured data?

It’s any information that lacks a predefined data model - including Word documents, PDFs, emails, web content, videos, audio files, and more. It’s estimated more than 80% of a business’s data is dark - with invaluable business knowledge hidden deep within these unstructured artefacts.

Now you can discover it, with CAITO.

What is a Knowledge Repository?

It’s an online collection of massive amounts of unstructured data, along with structured data saved in files - like audio files, emails, spreadsheets and more. CAITO works with you to build your business’s own unique Knowledge Repositories.

So you can access previously inaccessible information with ease.

what are unstructured data and knowledge repository?

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